Frequently Asked Questions

Does your facility have specialized units?


No, however, the following are provided for those residents with distinctive needs.


Although no special unit, we do take Alzheimer residents.  If the time comes that we can no longer meet their needs we assist in finding an Alzheimer’s Unit that better suits the resident's needs.



Do you provide therapies?


Yes, we provide three types of therapies; Physical, Occupational, and Speech.  When therapy is complete, you will be discharged to our Restorative Department with a recommendation for continued care.  The Restorative Department has three main goals.  First, they ensure there will be no decline in the progress made from therapy.   Secondly, they aid in overseeing that the recommendations made by the therapist are carried out.  Finally, Restorative hopes to increase the progress by making you more independent.



Do you have Medicare and Medicaid?


Yes, we are certified for both Medicare and Medicaid.



What amenities do you offer for residents?


A courtesy van assists with transportation to and from medical appointments. 

A telephone and TV are provided for each resident.

Planned activities are provided 7 days per week, including coffee cup club, bingo, trivia, movies, What’s Cooking?, musical guests, parachute game, exercise groups, bowling, and crafts.  Activities are planned and individualized with each resident’s capabilities and interests in mind.


Sunday church services are held and special arrangements can be made with clergy from all faiths.


What is your staffing like?


We always meet, but usually exceed, State and Federal staffing regulations.  Resident and family satisfaction is based upon us providing adequate, knowledgeable, efficient, and dependable staff. 


Our staff includes: a Certified Dietary Manager who plans a bigger variety of food choices making meals more pleasing; and a Registered Dietician, Dietary Consultant, who plans meals for various dietary restrictions and makes sure residents receive a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

Our Administrator has now received a designation as a Certified Dementia Professional (CDP).