We are eager for family and friends to join in the festivities. We celebrate holidays and monthly birthdays with a party for the residents, and of course, you are free to schedule a private party for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. We encourage and welcome all families to attend our special holiday parties. Meadows Manor East respectfully provides as many amenities as possible. Arrangements can be made for personal telephones and cable services, salon appointments with our expert stylist, and the use of our specially equipped van, which is available for transportation to and from medical appointments. Residents also have the option of bringing in personal decorations for their rooms to give it that special reminder of home. A special feature of Meadows Manor East are the open courtyards located within and surrounded by the facility, thus providing residents the opportunity to be outside, yet remain protected and secure.

All activities are planned and individualized with each resident's capabilities and interests in mind. Small group activities and room visits are offered to ensure all residents are receiving the socialization needed to enhance their quality of life.Everyone is welcome to attend our church services, and special arrangements can be made with clergy from every walk of faith for anyone seeking spiritual comfort and guidance.
We have been known to send as many as nineteen people home in a six-month period. This is above average for a nursing facility. We offer Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies, and provide adaptive equipment if needed. When therapies are done, our Restorative Staff continues to assist residents, enabling them to maintain their level of functioning.The holidays are our busiest visitor days, so be sure to call ahead during this time for reservations. A special cookout is held for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. These meals are complimentary, and we are only too happy to extend an invitation to come and visit.Bathing, grooming, dressing, dispensing medication, therapies, following physician's orders, and getting transportation when needed, all while promoting the maximum dignity and independence of each resident, and encouraging the involvement of the resident's family and friends are part of the daily care that is our commitment to our residents. Expert health care staff will assure you the best care for your loved one by balancing independence and respect with the required level of care and services needed by all.